Name Surname: Alessandra Tortora
Place of birth :    Como
Date of birth :     17 February 1963
Domicile :            Via Dell’Acqua 59 , I – 20023 Cerro Maggiore (Mi)
Telefhone :         +39-0331-421749
Fax:                    +39-0331-570436
Mobil telephone: +39-335-5650368
e-mail:        ;
Nationality:          Italian
Civil status:          Married with children


1999- to date ALTOLA’ sas company co-owner

Job concerning:

• Fashion design of new production lines
• Design of all over print
• Design of lace
• Design of embroidery band
• samples realization of bodywear
• with suppliers, new fabrics and materials development
• Image of the products with advertising agencies follow up
• Marketing research

Main customers:

                   Stylist for woman bodywear , tricot and nightdresses 
                   “Lovable , Fila trade mark”

2008-2009 UPIM big store in Italy
                   Stylist for woman body wear develop of the brand Project bodywear
                   Oops and Rosa thea and also nightwear and swimwear

2001-2010 LEVANTE s.p.a. Italy
                  Stylist of a fashion seamless line bodywear“ Levante trade mark”

2008-2010 Blue Lemon – Switzerland
                  Technical Stylist for woman bodywear produce in Italy

2008-2010 Alba Lingerie spa
                     Stylist for woman and man nightdresses Trade mark Alba and Equinoxe

2009-2010 ETTIM LTD. – Korea Seoul
                   Stylist for woman bodywear

Previous work:

2006             DOLCE & GABBANA s.p.a. Italy
                     Product manager for D&G beachwear collection and First Line
                     Man-woman DG

2005-2006    MODE GLADYS s.r.l. Italy
                     Stylist for socks of Gladys and Lotto brand name man-woman-child

2003-2006     VALE DUE s.r.l. - Italy
                       Technical Stylist for woman nightdresses with a Chinise supplier of Shanghai for Italian producers

2006               ATLAS DESIGN gmbh – Germany
                       Stylist for woman body wear , tricot and nightdresses Joop! Trade Mark

2004-2005       PALMERS TEXTIL ag - Austria
                         Stylist for woman body wear , nightdresses and beachwear
                         Line “ Classic and Belle”

2005                 KUNERT –WERKE ltd - Germany
                         Technical consulting of new line of woman seamless and body wear
                          produced in Italy

2002-2004        CHARLE ltd. - Japan
                         Stylist for woman body wear , tricot and nightdresses
                         “ M ila Schoen” Japan Market

1999-2003        HUBER TRICOT gmbh Austria
                         Stylist and consulting for the realization

                          of the lines of woman bodywear,

                           nightdresses“Escada  Joop! And Hanro” trade marks”

 2002-2003        MALERBA s.p.a. Italy
                         Stylist for man and woman body wear and nightdresses “Malerba” trade mark”

1998                  FRATELLI GAGLIARDI s.r.l - Italy
                          Stylist for woman line of beachwear

1997-2000         CALIDA ag - Switzerland
                           Cooperation with the stylist office JOOP! in Hamburg for body wear,

                           nightdresses and beachwear lines

1998-1999          MAGLIFICIO MABRAT s.r.l. - Italy
                            Stylist for a fashion woman line of tricot “Mabrat trade mark”

1997-1999           ARCHEA s.r.l - Italy
                            Stylist for body wear woman lines “Diego della Palma trade mark”

1997-1999           LINEA DORI s.r.l - Italy

Fashion designer of new production line of body wear “KOORI trade mark” with the collaborations of a korean company “Vivien Namyung – Seoul”. Study new lines of “Dorinette ed Undermen body wear trade marks”
Study and realization of woman and man body wear collections of
“Dolce e Gabbana” trade mark

1991-1997             PARAH s.p.a. - Italy

Stylist and product manager
(Body wear, nightdresses, beachwear, terry coats and accessories for house and seaside, children out dresses)
Take care:
• Marketing research
• Searching and study new materials
• Design the lines
• Managing people working in the project
• Take care of all the proto samples and fixing the fitting
• fabrics and accessories orders
• Teknical scheduling
• Image of the products with advertising agencies follow up

1986-1991              KENTELLE s.p.a. - Italy

body wear, nightdresses and beachwear lines manager for
“Valentino, Versace , Gideon Oberson,Kentelle and Dolcezza trade marks”

1985                        BARATTA s.r.l - Italy

Work as paper patter maker. Outwear clothes

1985                        MAMMACHIC s.r.l -Italy

Work as paper patter maker , premaman clothes

1985                         VAGAMONDO s.r.l - Italy

Work as paper patter maker for sport clothes

1982                          MODETOILE s.p.a. - Italy

Fabrics trades



1981 School-leaving diploma in Economical studies
1982 1 year attendance at Bocconi University, Milan -I- (economical courses)
1983 1 year attendance at Goethe Institut, Munich-G-(german language courses)
1984 1 year attendance at Newnham Language Cnt, Cambridge-UK-(english l.c.)
1985 1 year attendance at Secoli Institute, Milan -I- (fashion design courses)

 Cerro Maggiore , 2011


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